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Silicon Planet is a Hyderabad based electronic waste recycling company with a vision of greening the planet and achieving economic growth through socially beneficial business. Electronic waste or e-Waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling, or disposal are also considered e-Waste.

India is emerging as one of the world's major electronic waste generators, posing grave concerns to public health and environment alike. E-Waste is likely to increase by nearly three times, from the existing 18 lakh metric tons to 55 lakh MT per annum by 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of about 30% in our country. Unlike any other solid waste, e-Waste is hazardous in nature and needs to be disposed-off scientifically. Informal processing of e-Waste can lead to adverse human health effects and environmental pollution. Recycling raw materials from end-of-life electronics through Pollution Control Board authorized Recyclers is the most effective solution to the growing e-Waste problem.

At Silicon Planet, we offer comprehensive e-Waste Collection, Dismantling and Recycling services. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) rule has been recently announced by the Central Government which mandates electronic producers, bulk electronic consumers to collect and channelize e-Waste to authorized recyclers. We assist you reach the EPR target by channelizing your e-waste for processing in our recycling facility in Hyderabad.


E-Waste Collection

Our team organizes e-Waste awareness camps at educational institutions, corporate organizations and household areas to raise public awareness about the hazards associated with end of life electronics. We thus adopt a collection model using a hub and spoke structure to encourage people to come and give their e-Waste across our counter. Collection employees are provided with a protective equipment. We use a closed container vehicle for transportation due to the hazardous nature of e-waste. After the collection, e-waste is classified and appropriately tagged at our collection center. The warehouse has appropriate storage to ensure no environmental damage on any account. Further the end of life electronics are directed to our state of the art facility for a safe and eco-friendly processing.

Reverse logistics include collection of e-Waste from corporate business houses, retail chains/small outlets, bulk electronic distributor/ factory ware house, primary electronic manufacturers and household. We are currently working with the unorganized sector of this industry to raise awareness among them about the detrimental effects caused on environment and on their own health due to the crude methods followed by them in recycling hazardous e-Waste. We are thus trying to establish an organized e-waste collection network for collecting old electronics from consumers.


A manual dismantling of e-waste into electronic circuit boards, wires, external cabinets and casings at an initial stage is followed by a component level dismantling using automated de-soldering process. Mechanical sub processes such as stripping, crushing, baling, etc are carried out to separate metals from the non metals. Following this step, embedded metals are recovered using dry technologies.

Other important processes in this phase are depopulation of printed circuit boards, size reduction of PCBs, shredding operations, HDD breaking etc. This reduced material is passed over a conveyor belt to a granulation mill. The dismantling facility is completely green to the letter and spirit. The pre-processed components after the dismantling process are batch fed into our recycling plant.


Silicon Planet recovers base metals such as Copper, Ferrous metals and a mixed metal fraction containing trace elements of precious metals. A magnetic seperator seperates ferrous components. The non ferrous fraction gets collected in a hopper and is further separated through electrostatic process. A cyclone separator separates any dust present in the granulated material.

The dust separated by the cyclone separator is fed to an air purification system where the dust and minute particles get collected and clean air is released into the environment. Our Recycling facility ensures that all the processes are pollution free and do not emit unclean air or discharge any untreated liquids. The emissions comply to clean standards and are free of VOCs. There are no effluents.


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